Ceramic knives do they work…?

Ceramic knives do they work…?

If there is one thing I like, apart from ceramics, its cooking… While browsing through the films on YouTube last night I came across this footage…

The chef in this one obviously knows what he’s doing with a knife…

Unlike the next one…

I really thought that the last guy was going to cut himself quite badly once or twice… You would think that if they really wanted to sell this product they would have asked a chef in to demonstrate it!!

I must admit I like these knives and if they aren’t too expensive I think I might get myself one…

If anyone reading this has any feedback please let me know?


  1. I think you could afford the CeraKook Ceramic knives. They are doing a promotion on gift sets for Christmas. you’ll get the black mirror set with 3 knives and a ceramic peeler for 54.95£ instead of 69.95£.. I ordered one last week and they are really great ! So sharp and the mirror effect is truly beautiful. They also sell a cheaper set in white mirror, looks great as well but didn’t try it though.

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