Progression Plan

Statement of Intent

The final stretch of this journey is upon me, now is the time to pull out all the stops. I have decided that the topic of this final project will be once again deeply personal to me. I wish to somehow through the use of skills gleaned during this process recreate my journey through clay which has been a true source of succour to me, and help me cope with my issues of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder which has plagued me for most of my adult life.

Over the next eleven weeks I plan to approach this final part of my journey towards the exhibition in two ways.

Firstly I am looking at creating a larger scale, installation work, which will consist of several ceramic objects within a space (exact positioning is still to be determined). These object will be intricately connected by strings, this process will require days of work to achieve. The pieces themselves will be of slip cast porcelain, which will be bisque fired and polished with beeswax. For the first part of this project I intend to create three moulds one larger and two of smaller dimensions.

The second part of this Project will involve making a series of smaller ceramic objects, which not only will be more portable, but will be items available for sale throughout the exhibition. These items will also be slip cast but this time in bone china which will be bisque fired, raku fired (Naked Raku), and then polished and strung individually. For this part of the project I intend again on making three moulds which will be of varying sizes which can be modified to make a multitude of different outcomes.

There will be another three single piece moulds which will be used to make inserts for both parts of the project, these pieces will be slip cast, made of high fired porcelain, which will then be smoothly glazed and lustre fired using a combination of gold and red lustres.

I understand the scale and amount of work which I am planning on accomplishing within this timescale does appear grand and I am under no illusions that this is no small undertaking. However the moulds which I intend on creating are simple in their construction all are two piece with plugs apart from the inserts which are single piece.

In total there will be six two part moulds (One Large, Two Medium, Three Smaller) and three single piece insert moulds which could be made into one casting block which would enable the casting of three of each size insert simultaneously.

Action Plan

Mould Part 1 is the installation part of the project.

Mould Part 2 is the retail part of the project.

Mould Part 3 are the insert parts for both other projects.


From the lay out of my schedule I foresee a few “Choke points” where things could potentially “go awry”.

I may need to concentrate on pulling the “Mould 3” insert part of the project forward as much as possible depending on the workload in order to give more time in the windows of High Glaze Firing and Lustre firing in weeks 9 and 10 of the project.

I consider that the workload of weeks 3 through to 5 will also be labour intensive and may require additional weekend work to complete on time.

Should anything go completely wrong I have included a buffer of two weeks at the end of this term weeks 11 and 12 to complete the works needed to complete on time.

Throughout this project I will be documenting my progress with photographic and video evidence.


This is by far the most ambitious project to date. To ensure my success in this endeavour I have liberated myself of work on the weekends and secured myself somewhere in Cardiff to stay for the duration of the rest of this process. This combination I feel will give me an additional 35 – 40 hours a week in order to see this project completed on schedule.

Whilst there are a myriad of possible “Things which could go awry”, I am confident in my skills, subject knowledge and ability to problem solve. We will no doubt witness at the end of these few short weeks whether my dedication, perseverance and sheer “Bloody-mindedness” will pay dividends this final time!!

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