Professional Practice

PDP for exhiition and professional practice

After what has been for me a long journey I am now at the cusp of graduating from Cardiff School of Art and Design hopefully with a BA (Hons) in Ceramics.


This process has in all taken me nine years to complete, what should have only been a three year course. Fraught with personal issues and blighted by the effects of PTSD I have fought tooth and nail to achieve this goal. Along the way I have made some amazing friends, some of which I will be eternally grateful for their understanding and their patience.


Now that this part of my life draws to a close is time to be looking to the future and grasp what opportunities this process has opened up for me with both hands. The degree show opens shortly and I will look forward in greeting the public in my space and in front of my work to help them better understand my philosophy behind the installation.

Hopefully making contacts with likeminded individuals who may like to show my work outside of this space. When the installation is taken down at the ends of the exhibitions run I will take some pieces from here on to New designers in London and then to “Art in Clay” Hatfield.

Having been in regular contact with contemporary artists Sandy Brown and Lucienne Cruz, both of whom I am hoping will visit the show and allow me to introduce them to my work. Both artists have expressed a wish for me to work with them in the near future, which for me is incredibly exiting!


An application I have started to possibly go to Japan for a year using my degree to secure myself a place with Aeon Japan to teach Japanese students English as a foreign language, would also be interesting. I could also possibly teach Ceramics / Art, French, French classic cooking and Scuba Diving. This would be exciting for me as I have few ties in the UK and would mean that I would live much nearer my children who reside near Perth in Western Australia.IMG_2434

Being a freelance chef is what has permitted me financially to study ceramics, without which I would not have had funds to support myself. Out of this amalgamation of skills another possibility has arisen and five of the establishments where I have been working have expressed an interest in my displaying work on their premises two of whom I have invited to the show with a view of commissions for work, for which I am thrilled!

Having helped “Heals” of Malmesbury provide a Christmas charitable dinner for the elderly and lonely people of the town last Christmas, by providing my chef services, one of the town councillors has included me in the upcoming summer exhibition at the John Bowen Gallery which is located within the town hall of Malmesbury. This is also an interesting opportunity.

Gallery Gareth Bowen

I have formulated a five year business plan and developed my CV in order to make the most of my new gained skills.

Five year business plan

Once I have graduated I intend on making good of as many of the opportunities which have been outlined here, depending on my results and grades I might even further my learning and continue by applying for a place on the masters programme. For now I will have to wait and see what my results are though many opportunities await!!

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